In Detail

PlantHive is the next generation of AI-assisted Internet of Things smart-gardens. Unlike other home-growing solutions, this urban farming unit offers your plants a confined environment, protecting them from parasite infestations.


PlantHive is equipped with a wide array of sensors and actuators to ensure optimal climate conditions that adjust according to your plants' growth-stage.

Connected Device

Our interactive application allows you to control your smart garden from anywhere, at anytime. Thanks to our interactive guides and tutorials, you too can now become a master urban gardener!

High PAR LED growlights

Our LED lighting system have an optimized spectrum for plant growth. You can now control the color and intensity of your light source to achieve better results and get high yields.


You can add accessories to your food computer to better adjust it to your needs. Add sensors and accessories for better climate control or extend the height of your smart garden by adding columns.

Hydroponics or Soil

Choose the growth medium that suits you best. From highly effective DWC or flood and drain hydroponics to the classic soil medium, anything is possible in the PlantHive!

Technical Specifications


100W PAR optimized

Control module

Raspberry Pi 3


Wifi, Bluetooth

Climate control

Temperature, humidity, water temperature, ventilation

Sensors & Controllers

Thermometer, Hygrometer, Water Thermometer, Soil Hygrometer,
pH-meter, EC-meter, Fans, LED Panel, Air Pump, Heating/Cooling system, Water Tank, Nutrient Dispenser, Carbon Filters