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PlantHive is the next generation of AI-assisted Internet of Things smart-gardens. Unlike other home-growing solutions, this urban farming unit offers your plants a confined environment, protecting them from parasite infestations.


How to control your PlantHive

You can operate your planthive via our web application either locally or remotely. While the local connection grants you better privacy, the remote connection allows you to:

Remotely control of your smart garden

Remotely monitoring of your plants

Download grow recipes to maximize your plants' yield and taste

Access to interactive guides and tutorials


Connected Device

Our interactive application allows you to control your smart garden from anywhere, at anytime. Thanks to our interactive guides and tutorials, you too can now become a master urban gardener!

Light it up

High PAR LED Growlights

Our LED lighting spectrum is optimized for plant growth. You can now control the color and intensity of your light source to achieve better results and higher yields.

personal touch


Add accessories to your smart garden to better adjust it to your plants' needs. The PlantHive smart garden can be upgraded with sensors and actuators for better climate control or extend the height of the growing chamber by replacing the columns.

your choice

Hydroponics or Soil

Choose the growth medium that suits you best. From highly effective deep water culture (DWC) to the classic soil medium, anything is possible in the PlantHive!

Technical Specifications

The device comes in two versions: the “base” version, adapted for growing kitchen herbs and small plants, and the full-option version, that has a higher grow-chamber and is equipped with all sensors. The optional sensors are plug and play, allowing you to upgrade the smart garden to fit your plant's needs.


  • LED power: 100W PAR optimized growlights (Red, Green, Blue, Deep Red, White)

  • System: Raspberry Pi 3

  • Connectivity: Wifi or local

  • Water: 11L water-nutrient reservoir – up to 2 weeks autonomy

  • Soil & Hydroponics: the device is versatile when it comes to the growth medium, allowing the user to switch between soil and DWC (Deep Water Culture) hydroponics

  • Length and depth: 390 mm

  • Grow chamber ventilators - built-in

  • Ambient temperature and humidity sensor - built in

  • Smart sensing camera - built in

  • Water level sensor (for hydroponics) or soil moisture sensor (for soil) - optional (upgradable)

  • Air pump (for hydroponic growth medium) - optional (upgradable)

  • Water pump (for soil growth medium) - optional (upgradable)

  • Grow chamber humidifier - optional (upgradable)

  • Grow chamber temperature modulator - optional (upgradable)


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How the device is built

The PlantHive smart garden is manufactured with the most eco-friendly materials possible. Our engineers have minimized the amount of plastic in the design as well as the power the device consumes.

Designed and manufactured in the EU

The majority of the materials are sourced from local manufacturers and our smart gardens are built in Europe.

Hive Vision


Neural Network

Our smart garden’s state of the art automation of climate control consists of a remote sensing unit - HiveVision - whose goal is to provide real time feedback and optimize plant growth with a minimum amount of energy. This is accomplished by equipping the Planthive with a digital near infrared (NIR) camera that captures the IR reflectance of plant canopy, processes its Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and measures leaf size.

Each NIR picture is labelled with a specific data array gathered from sensors, containing environmental features intrinsically tied to the growth conditions inside the food computer, such as humidity, temperature, water level and light spectrum. Labeled NIR pictures are fed to our web-based Neural Network, correlating changes of leaf geometry, size and NDVI with changes in labelvalue, and consequently gives an objective assessment of the plant’s health state.


Google Integration

The data are processed by Google Tensor Flow. Environmental conditions can then be regulated by adjusting LED spectral output, activating/deactivating the humidifier and temperature control modules, or adjusting fan speed so as to achieve optimal growth conditions. Combining climate control with computer vision technology and contactless plant growth analysis will enable the development of “climate recipes” and “light recipes”, as well as simultaneously improve plant yield and energy efficiency.

what you can grow

Small fruits

Start growing your small fruit seedlings indoors before the growing season by giving them the climate conditions they will thrive in. Or just enjoy fresh and delicious Strawberries all year long!

  • Strawberries

  • Cherry tomatoes

  • chilli papers

  • much more ..

what you can grow

Small vegetables

Just as with your fruits, you can give your vegetables a head start before transferring them outdoors for the growing season.

  • small cucumber

  • small eggplants

  • and many more small things ..

what you can grow

Aromatic herbs

Enjoy adding your farm-to-table fresh herbs to your dishes, salads, smoothies, pesto and dips. You’ll be impressed by the result in taste.

  • basil

  • mint

  • rosemary

  • a lot more herbs that you desire ..

what you can grow


Harvest your plants at their early stage when their nutrient and vitamin levels are at their peak. Microgreens have up to 40 times more nutritious then their adult version! The perfect boost to your metabolism and immune system during winter, as well as summer.

  • mustard

  • crest

  • anything else your heart desires ..

what you can grow

Root vegetables

Crunchy root vegetables were never easier to grow off season. Enjoy growing your own root vegetables and add a myriad of different colors, textures and tastes to your cuisine.

  • carrots

  • garlic

  • what else do you need?

what you can grow

Medical plants

For those of us appreciating the medical and recreational benefits of certain plants, growing our favorite plants for ourselves is a very rewarding, relaxing and enriching experience.

  • Camomile

  • ginger

  • tea

  • let your imagination run free!

what you can grow

Propagating clones

Did you know that a fair amount of plants can be duplicated by a process called “cloning”? Your PlantHive smart garden will be able to master the art of cloning of your favorite plants.

  • clone your favourite plants!

what you can grow

Leafy greens

How many times have you thrown away a rotten lettuce?Wouldn’t it be better if you could just harvest some leaves here and there? Well, now you can!

  • Lettuce

  • Cabbage

  • arugula

  • many more ..

what you can grow

Decorative plants

You want to add some tropical plants to your collection but don’t have the climate to support them? No worries, your smart garden has got you covered.

  • Orchids

  • Roses

  • Mimosas

  • Lilies

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