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We are a team of tech enthusiasts and indoor farming hobbyists, looking to share our love for growing plants indoors thanks to novel technologies!

PlanThive - Grow Connected

Our Team

Get to know the team behind PlantHive and the idea of creating a customizable, high-tech smart garden.

Vasileios Vallas
CEO & Co-Founder

I graduated from Solvay Brussels school of Economics and Management as a Commercial engineer MSc. Long-time house plant maniac and urban farmer, with a keen interest in science and technology. I am the team’s project and financial manager.

Alexander Pascal Borner

I finished my Master Degree in International Management at the Gdansk University of Technology back in 20215 and had the joy of studying and working in quite a few countries till today. After moving back to Germany, I’ve been able to gain a lot of experience in the vibrant start-up environment of Berlin and acquire a lot of important skills within the fields of Business Development, Sales and Marketing. I speak English, German and Spanish.

Dr. Tino Dornbusch
Technical Advisor Plant Physiology and Phenomics

I received my doctoral degree from the University of Halle, where I studied agricultural sciences. I am a specialist in remote sensing, plant phenotyping and crop modeling and the team’s “Plant Whisperer”. I do recommend the requirements for the products sensors and actuators, and analyse the plant performance under varying environmental conditions to find out the optimum.

Dr. Federico Lucchetti

I am the team’s head of hardware, software development and help to setup a distributed infrastructure to enable the cooperative creation of new intelligent models for plant phenotyping.I am a physicist with a doctoral degree in neuroscience from the Free University of Brussels and currently working as a researcher at the University of Luxembourg in resilient computing.

Nathalie de Muyser
Head of Design

I studied interior architecture at the Saint Luc University in Brussels, and work as a graphic designer. Creativity is my middle name. I am responsible for the product design, graphic design and brand identity, as well as the company’s marketing content.

Our Mission

PlantHive aims at developping and offering state of the art, connected and personalized home-growing solutions.

Our Vision

PlantHive envisions a sustainable world of self-sufficiency and organic nutrition.


Find some of the most frequently asked questions about PlantHive below.

Can I upgrade my PlantHive?

Sensors, actuators and higher columns can be connected as plug-and-play add-on devices. You can add humidity and temperature modulators as well as an air or water pump.

How much power does the PlantHive consume?

Your smart garden consumes roughly as much power as a small gaming laptop.

Can I transfer plants I bought at a store in my smart garden?

Although that would work, we advise you to quarantine your store-bought plants before transferring them in your smart garden, so as to prevent any cross-contamination from taking place.

What does Hive Vision do?

Our AI algorithm, Hive Vision, will assist you in achieving great results with your smart garden. Although Hive Vision is still getting trained, it will be able to assess the health of your plants, identify and report pathogens, as well as suggest optimal temperature and humidity settings.

Will the PlantHive smart garden prevent my plants from getting parasites?

Although a confined environment offers some protection from critters, it is important to keep your grow chamber tidy and take preventive measures against infestations.

Still have questions?

Send us an email and our team will get back to you shortly.

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