Digital First 2017

Last week, we were presenting our product PlantHive at Digital First 2017. The event was held at the Tour & Taxis complex in the center of Brussels and gathered the 100 hottest Belgian start-

up companies. Of course, this felt like an event just fit for us! And just to be extra fresh for all the pitching, I decided to get my fridge googles game on in the morning!

There were of course quite a few big players among the rest of the exhibitors, and many of them stopped by our booth with curious expressions to see what we were offering.The event was quite B2B oriented so we decided to sometimes split up and see if we could meet new potential business partners. In order to facilitate this, the event managers planned out time slots where we could schedule quick 15 minute meetings and discuss possible partnerships.During the course of the day, we also got the chance to listen to Nick Boucart from Sirris who spoke about how to hyperscale your business and meet the ever-evolving landscape of the SaaS industry. It's always exciting to see familiar faces at events, especially when it's someone that you've worked with before.Among the other startups were a few interesting projects as well that showed how active the startup scene is in Belgium.

Little by little we are starting to get some experience on how to prepare and maximize the efficiency of our strategy on how to approach these kind of events. We've learned that we should always try and bring the product to an event since it's definitely an eye-catcher. Creating a smaller-scale unit would facilitate the transportation of the PlantHive and reduce the often restricting constraints of the booths.We're excited and looking forward to the next event and hope you won't hesitate to stop by and say hi!

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