We welcome a new product in our product line: The Eco Grower

Dear followers,

Today, we are welcoming a new product in our family. Our team has researched into some more minimalist Smart Gardens and has chosen to become a reseller for a model that combines decent growing capabilities and affordable price: The Eco Grower

The Eco Grower is a compact desktop Shallow Water Culture (SWC) system, mounted with LED grow-lights. Although the device does not support App connectivity, its control is very intuitive. There are 3 light programs to choose from that can be toggled by buttons: 14 hours (regular program), 12 hours (low light intensity mode) and 16 hours (grow program).

Despite its compact size, this Smart Garden is fit for growing leafy greens such as arugula, Swiss Chard, Basil and Spinach. With good quality seeds, fresh water and a little bit of hydroponic fertilizer, the Eco Grower will provide a monthly yield of fresh produce.

The decision expand our product line has come to support the production and R&D related activities for our BETA, GAMMA, and commercial-grade units. We hope that the Eco Grower will initiate a lot of houseplant enthusiasts in the art of indoor farming.


Dimensions39cm (length) x 39cm (height) x 22cm (depthCultivation mediumShallow Water Culture (SWC)Water Reservoir Capacity2L Growing capacity8 pods

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