Our laser-cut functional prototype

After a long period of tinkering, decision making, prototyping, re-prototyping, failing, succeeding, drawing, making 3ds, soldering electronics, and so on; we are proud to announce that we are getting closer to a product design that will integrate all of the features we initially planned to include in our food-computers. We had to see this as a necessary step of prototyping, where we put drawing board away and artistic pencils down and developed a first version to be released.We wanted to put our concept to the test, and so far as to design our horticultural LED panel and the IoT microchip that will be integrated in the mass-produced models.For our rapid prototyping technology of choice, we decided to go wth wood laser-cutting, and made a fully functional prototype shaped in our final design. Putting the 1.000 pieces together was not an easy task! It took us months (~f*ck-up after f*ck up~) to make the IoT chip and integrate all the cables inside the prototype. Although our adventure was difficult, we are satisfied with the results of our work! You can check the photos bellow to see the steps it took us.


Laser-cut pieces


Laser-cut assembly


Finished structure

Our team is currently collaborating with the industry leading research center Sirris to obtain the industrialized plans of our design. Moreover, we will soon start printing our first 3D unit, which will probably come to be the final design on which our Alpha units will be based-on.Keep in touch, we will have some very exciting news very soon!

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