PlantHive goes to Aquafarm/Novelfarm 2019

Dear PlantHive enthusiasts,

Last week Yanni and I attended the Aquafarm/Novelfarm conference which took place in the town of Pordenone, located in the North of Italy.

Transporting a prototype to a conference is always a challenge! This time we chose to go by car, which made it a very long trip to reach our destination. We still managed to catch some nice views while we passed through Luxembourg, Metz, Strasbourg, Basel, Zurich and Milan.

This year, the conference was split in two parts! Aquafarm was focused on fishery technologies, whereas Novelfarm was mainly focused on aquaponics, hydroponics and Controlled Environment Agriculture Technologies.

Our booth was located at the FarmTech Society pavilion, and during the event, I had the pleasure to participate in a round-table discussion on aquaponics. I had the pleasure to share the floor with Ian Kansky from Intag systems, as well as Radu (name?), Alexander van Tuyll and Mark Horler from the Aquaponics Mushrooms and Insects (AMI) group.

PlantHive also got the chance to fill one of the speaker slots at the conference during the “Automation: hardware and software for an economically and environmentally sustainable soil-less agriculture” session; my presentation theme being “how ICT and AI are bringing us the next agricultural revolutions”; Yanni, on the other hand, moderated the group on industry standardization.

Overall, our experience was once again very positive and we look forward to visiting Aquafarm/Novelfarm again next year!

Little side-note: guess who found themselves in next year’s banner!!

Stay tuned for more PlantHive news!

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