PlantHive goes @Web Summit 2017!

This November, we had the awesome opportunity to join the Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal! The Web Summit is one of the biggest annual start-up gatherings world-wide, and this year, more than 63.000 attendants and 2.500 start-ups joined the venue. People were joining from all corners of the world and from all digital and technological industries for 4 days of intensive networking and pitching!

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Web Summit Y 2k17 hustler team[/caption]

The Web Summit lasted 4 days, and was a very particular experience for Yanni, Alexander and myself. The gathering started every day at around 9:00 in the morning and lasted until 17:00. But the event was not only about pitching and networking. Each night, the participants were invited to join the pubs and carry on networking in the beautiful city of Lisbon until sunrise! As you might have guessed, that only left us with 2 - 3 hours of sleep per night, but the adrenaline boost helped in coping with fatigue.

Our team had the opportunity to meet with very interesting people: countless other start-uppers, investors, some journalists, as well as some of the sponsors, which mainly were major multinational companies. We were part of the "Alpha" (seed and early-stage) start-ups, and that means we had a booth on our last day!

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Our booth at the Web Summit[/caption]

While half our team was presenting in Lisbon, the other half had arranged a live-stream of one our Alpha units on Twitch! Special thanks to COO, Hadrien, for this awesome idea!

As a conclusion, we can say is that the Web Summit experience was a great opportunity for networking and team-building, and offered us a good chance to gain some visibility. We are looking forward to next year's venue!

Until then, stay tuned on our website and blog for more PlantHive news!

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