Planthive joins Aquafarm 2018 !

Last month, our CFO, Yanni Garcia Postigo, represented PlantHive during the annual Aquafarm convention, which took place at the beautiful Pordenone, located in the north of Italy. There, for two days, he had the chance to meet with various players of the aquaponic and vertical farming community. Since we finally figured out how to work around all the hustle of traveling with a live prototype, our PlantHive V1.0 made its first trip abroad! We are very happy to have shared the floor with OSRAM, since their booth was located right next to ours. With almost 2.000 visitors, Aquafarm was a perfect occasion to showcase our prototype and get feedback from potential or professional growers. Networking in Pordenone was a very interesting experience after all.

PlantHive even made it to the Italian television channel Rai. You can see us on 7.44 on the link bellowhttp://www.rai.it/dl/RaiTV/programmi/media/ContentItem-17172323-7568-44d7-a77e-2233e53db91c.html#p= Yanni got also interviewed by Vertical Farming Italia, which you can see here (in Italian).

We are looking forward to next year's edition of Aquafarm!

Stay tuned for more Planthive news!

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