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Hi everybody!

When you start a company, it's much like getting into a relationship. At the early stage you feel thrilled with the anticipation of working towards a successful goal. However, after a few weeks or a few months into your commitment, that feeling gets replaced by responsibilities and respecting the engagements you get in. This is the determining moment that shows you who is fit to be a true entrepreneur and who is not.

After many months of prototyping, brainstorming, meeting and sweating, we decided to launch our company's product: PlantHive.

The name calls a visual image of plants growing abundantly. Our goal is not only to create a product that just helps to grow some basil or lettuce but a myriad of species and let the user experiment like a true professor in his laboratory.

We have divised a solution that allows you to effortlessly grow any kind of plant you want at home, in an automated and connected fashion.

Our plug'n'play box Is easy to connect to the Internet, allows you to choose between a bubbleponics or a soil based crop growing system, and will teach you how to become an expert gardener thanks to the rich tutorials of our app.

Right now we are about to launch our pilot phase with our Alpha testers.

Stay tuned for more information on the development of our product!

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